Ojo de Timbre

Illustrations based on hand-carved stamps, made by me.


Handmade books and zines, limited editions.

Illustrated zines, with open stories based on images.

Happy to find you here! You'll get to find some of my artworks, that are a dance of prints, stamps, zines, illustrations, embroidery and sometimes all together.

My works

Stamps carving and stationery

My offer is wide: I do designs applicable to websites, books, stationery, broochs, stickers and fabrics. 


Printmaking is my uttermost engaging experience, as I have to dive deep into my desires, ideas and technics.

Illustrations, books, zines

My illustrations are mainly in books and postcards. Sometimes I do write the story and off I go with every single drawing. I'm recently exploring the embroidery world, which is just such an inner-focusing experience.