Hi, I'm Andrea Troncoso, a Chilean-born art crafter living between Europe and Chile.
I inevitably get inspired by everyday encounters with landscapes, nature, objects and people. Also some great artists, music and friends. I am a former forester, and always in love with every calm and unpretentious tree.
Unique bookstores and museums have my artworks. I also work on commissions.

Contact me! I speak Spanish, Engluish and German. Sometimes also French and Italian.


[email protected], ojodetimbre in Insta
@aitroncoso in Twitter

Some insights into my creative process: materials, ateliers and landscapes

I use rest of woods that my generous neighbour Dirk keeps for me after creating beautiful wood pieces in his own creative workshop. My working places change everyonce in a while. I'm a bit restless, I tend to move from here to there, sometimes with my stuff as well.  You'll see what I mean...