Stamp carving and stationery

Carving stamps or a matrix that will later become a print is a unique form of reproduction, with which I am totally in love. It's not only the results which have high doses of surprise and serendipity, but the process itself is full of thoughtful and insightful times. Here you will see...

Notebooks, handprinted

A veterinarian asked me to carve a Chilean Rhinoceros beetle, ciervo volante or Chiasognathus grantii

Memory games

Icecream shop commissioned envelopes for their vouchers



Paper stamping

These are large pieces of paper where I create patterns by experimenting and repeating shapes. Results are awesome. They can be framed or used as wrapping paper for very special occassions.

Stamping fabrics

I carve, stamp fabrics and sew little bags, cushions or make embroidery. As in many things in life, possibilities are endless...